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“I just want to live while I’m alive.”


Yes, this is a lyric from a Bon Jovi song, but it is also the mantra I live by. I love this statement so much I had it tattooed before I entered graduate school – not just for the street cred, but because I wanted that daily reminder to live intentionally and purposefully towards happiness and fulfillment.

I strive to incorporate this purposeful way of living into my work as a clinical psychologist working with adults and couples, as an author, speaker, and fellow traveler in life. I want my clients and readers to know how personal and important it is to me to help you not just survive this life, but truly LIVE it in whatever way fulfills you. 


Psychologist. Author. Speaker. Fellow Traveler. 

How I Can

Help You

Individual and couples therapy 

Individual and couples therapy sessions with Dr. Osborn can be booked at

Speaking engagements

Dr. Osborn specializes in anxiety, trauma, couples therapy, and the impact of pregnancy loss on the individual and family level. Email to inquire about speaking engagements. 

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