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The Miscarriage Map: what to expect when you are no longer expecting

By: Dr. Sunita Osborn

The Miscarriage Map: What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting is a raw, irreverently genuine, occasionally hilarious, personal narrative and practical guide for those who have experienced a miscarriage. Written by a psychologist and informed by her own personal experience with miscarriage, this book offers women, their partners, and loved ones with the nitty gritty realities of a miscarriage, the accompanying emotional roller coaster, and specific steps to take to help them get through this loss.

The Miscarriage Map addresses the relevant but often unaddressed topics following a miscarriage including the disenfranchised grief of a miscarriage, the impact of this loss on a relationship, and how to move forward (not past). Spurred by her own experiences on both sides of the couch, Dr. Sunita Osborn paves a normalizing, research-informed, and realistic path of walking through a miscarriage.


Miscarriage Map workbook

By: Dr. Sunita Osborn

Honest. Authentic. 100% Relatable. This workbook will empower you to move forward, not on, after pregnancy loss.

In this follow-up to her widely acclaimed book, The Miscarriage Map, Dr. Sunita Osborn has created a secular and research-based workbook to approach the painful reality of pregnancy loss. Strikingly vulnerable, yet drawing on her work in reproductive psychology, she is unparalleled in her ability to help those who have also experienced miscarriage.

In the Miscarriage Map Workbook, Dr. Osborn offers a straightforward roadmap to help women move through the trauma and grief of pregnancy loss, allowing them to feel deeply understood, better equipped to handle life stressors, and more empowered to move forward in life. With both her clinical expertise and personal experience in mind, this workbook is filled with practical, engaging, and meaningful tools and insight that will allow readers to:

  • Develop coping skills for pregnancy loss and the intense emotions that accompany miscarriages

  • Uncover their reproductive stories and process reproductive trauma

  • Cultivate greater acceptance, compassion, and empathy for themselves

  • Work through the sense of betrayal and shame they may feel toward their physical body

  • Navigate intimacy and the unique challenges in their relationships

  • Reconnect with their purpose and values as they move forward, not on, from their loss

Each chapter includes notes, and tips that therapists, OBGYNs, midwifes, and other helping professionals can use to tailor treatments for each individual patient.



By: dr. Sunita Osborn

We’re all looking for that perfect balance between loving ourselves as we are and becoming the best person we can be. But it’s going to take a lot more than bubble baths, wine, $8 lattes, affirmations, and other bullsh*t social media has deemed essential for #selfcare and #selfimprovement.

To truly become your best self, you have to be a little more…



Selfishness is perhaps the world’s most controversial, undesirable, and misunderstood trait―particularly for women. In every area of our lives, we bend over backward to avoid this stigmatizing label.

But what if we didn’t?


In Self-ish, clinical psychologist Sunita Osborn challenges what we think we know about selfishness. With radical candor and bold humor, she dispels the myths and distortions that surround the fundamental psychological concepts of self-care, self-trust, self-love, and self-discipline, explaining how these terms have become empty badges of honor because of social media, societal norms, and our upbringings.


Dr. Osborn urges women everywhere to unapologetically nurture their personal growth with strength and wisdom, blazing a path to self-leadership with encouragement, tools, and concrete steps to level-up their whole selves.


In a time when women’s needs, autonomy, and safety are at risk, this provocative new book shows how being selfish can foster transformative, empowering change in your relationships, the systems you inhabit, and most importantly, yourself.

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